Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The importance of car shipping insurance

Car shipping has always been considered as a stressful task. But by proper research and planning the whole process can be executed smoothly. Most of the auto transport companies provide insurance during shipping process and this would give an assurance on the safety of your vehicle. The insurance coverage would cover the cost of repair needed as a result of some damages caused during the shipping process. The coverage amount differs from company to company. It is essentially important that before hiring an auto transport company, you must do proper research on the company for getting the appropriate coverage.

The car shipping companies with a valid license would have insurance for transporting the vehicle as well as insurance liability coverage. You must clearly understand the insurance coverage aspect while shifting the car. It is not a necessity that your car would get damaged during shipping. But insurance is a must just in case something goes wrong. Without insurance you may find yourself mending the car for damages caused during the shifting. It would be always better to take prevention better than worrying about the damages later.

Firstly, you must seek the insurance policy documents of the car shipping company. For confirming the authenticity of the documents, you can check with the auto transportations insurance provider. Sometimes, the insurance coverage offered by the company would not be enough to cover the expense of the vehicle replacement. During such times, you must contact the company's insurance agency and clarify the terms and conditions in the policy. You must ask the agency if it is possible to purchase additional coverage if coverage given by the auto transport company is inadequate. Also ask if the policy is having a limited coverage value. You must also know which parts of the vehicles would come under the coverage in case of an accident. Check if there are some exceptions to specific components which would not be covered. It is important to know what damages would be covered if the car is ruined during the shipping process.

Most importantly, the insurance coverage offered by the auto transport company should insure the car against theft and other damages. Make sure that the moving company provides you with a copy of the insurance policy so that you would have a word to say if something goes haywire. You must also make sure that before handing over the keys to the car shipping company, the car should be emptied of all personal belongings and extra fittings. Usually, the auto transporting insurance would not cover cost of loss of personal possessions which are left in the car while shipping.

It is completely your responsibility to make sure that the car would be covered if any damage happens to it while transporting. Unless you ensure the reliability of the company and its insurance before hiring them, the safety of the car would be at risk. So it is important to understand the reputation of the company and its previous service records for ensuring the credibility. Always remember the statement, prevention is better than cure.


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