Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The latest 2012 BMW M550d xDrive

BMW has opened its first diesel M car: the new M550d xDrive in saloon and Touring estate forms. Its part of a strategy to fill the gap between the exclusive M GmbH division cars and the top-end cosmetic M Sport trim lines with a new range of M lite: BMW M Performance Automobiles.

Developed by the engineers responsible for the M3, M5 et al, the new M550d xDrive is powered by a new high output version of the 3.0-litre straight six turbo diesel packing not one, not two, but three turbochargers.

No wonder it puts out 376bhp and 546lb ft of torque. It's claimed to be reviver than normal turbo diesels, topping out at 5400rpm, though few drivers will need to extend it that far thanks to the sky-high torque figure.

Before you get too excited about the M550d xDrive, Brits be warned: its not coming here. BMW GB just doesn't think there's demand for a car even faster than a 535d and knocking on the door of M5 money - and xDrive hasn't been engineered for right-hand drive.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Uses of Auto transport facilities

Today auto transport has become relatively simple.  This is due to the advancement in the auto transport industry that has led to massive makeover to the entire car transport process. Before it would be a big hassle when you would have to shift and move your vehicle along. You would have to worry about the entire journey as well as the process of moving your vehicle. You would have to worry about your car the entire duration of travel. Most of these companies would not offer you any insurance. Also most of these companies would be new entries in the market and therefore you would defiantly not deploy your entire trust to these vehicles.

Also there were a number or reports of how people would get cheated with auto movers and they would never find their car back at their destination. This would bring about even more fear in your about the safety of your vehicle. It would be very difficult to find a reliable car moving service.  Your car would be your life. You would have maintained it with every care that you can muster and kept your vehicle in top condition. However after you move your vehicle to another city, you would find at your arrival that you vehicle has arrived with an array of scratches on the body or even worse, with parts missing or damaged. This would be bad enough to upset anyone. Also delays in arrival increase the anxiety of anyone.

However, thankfully, those days are now gone. Today all the major auto mover companies are well established. These companies are the ones that have gained trust over the years with their continuous dedicated service to the customers. The ones that were dishonest to their customers would have made some easy money and perhaps even busted for their misdeeds. However the ones that were honest and sincere have stuck through the hard times and now their business is booming with the advancement in technologies.  Such companies today are making the most profits with the amount of auto moving needs that are increasing every day. These companies employ technology today like GPRS tracking that lets you keep a track of your vehicle as it is moved.

Also special care is taken while moving your vehicle so that your vehicle will arrive in the condition it left your hands. If you have an expensive vehicle and you have special requirements while moving your vehicle then most of these companies have provision for that too. Also most auto mover companies have become very punctual and they make sure that they commit to the time when they would deliver your vehicle. If you are arriving a little later than the committed time to get your vehicle then you can even request garage facilities that will ensure that your vehicle is safe till your reach and collect your vehicle.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The importance of car shipping insurance

Car shipping has always been considered as a stressful task. But by proper research and planning the whole process can be executed smoothly. Most of the auto transport companies provide insurance during shipping process and this would give an assurance on the safety of your vehicle. The insurance coverage would cover the cost of repair needed as a result of some damages caused during the shipping process. The coverage amount differs from company to company. It is essentially important that before hiring an auto transport company, you must do proper research on the company for getting the appropriate coverage.

The car shipping companies with a valid license would have insurance for transporting the vehicle as well as insurance liability coverage. You must clearly understand the insurance coverage aspect while shifting the car. It is not a necessity that your car would get damaged during shipping. But insurance is a must just in case something goes wrong. Without insurance you may find yourself mending the car for damages caused during the shifting. It would be always better to take prevention better than worrying about the damages later.

Firstly, you must seek the insurance policy documents of the car shipping company. For confirming the authenticity of the documents, you can check with the auto transportations insurance provider. Sometimes, the insurance coverage offered by the company would not be enough to cover the expense of the vehicle replacement. During such times, you must contact the company's insurance agency and clarify the terms and conditions in the policy. You must ask the agency if it is possible to purchase additional coverage if coverage given by the auto transport company is inadequate. Also ask if the policy is having a limited coverage value. You must also know which parts of the vehicles would come under the coverage in case of an accident. Check if there are some exceptions to specific components which would not be covered. It is important to know what damages would be covered if the car is ruined during the shipping process.

Most importantly, the insurance coverage offered by the auto transport company should insure the car against theft and other damages. Make sure that the moving company provides you with a copy of the insurance policy so that you would have a word to say if something goes haywire. You must also make sure that before handing over the keys to the car shipping company, the car should be emptied of all personal belongings and extra fittings. Usually, the auto transporting insurance would not cover cost of loss of personal possessions which are left in the car while shipping.

It is completely your responsibility to make sure that the car would be covered if any damage happens to it while transporting. Unless you ensure the reliability of the company and its insurance before hiring them, the safety of the car would be at risk. So it is important to understand the reputation of the company and its previous service records for ensuring the credibility. Always remember the statement, prevention is better than cure.